Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Key Practices of Work-Anon Brochure Now Online

An electronic copy of the print brochure "Key Practices of Work-Anon" is now available at the following link:

As it suggests in the brochure,
We regain our inner balance through working the Twelve Steps and connecting with other recovering Work-Anons. Through deepening in our recovery, we are released from painful self-defeating patterns, including self-abandonment and neglect, chronic feelings of insufficiency and inadequacy, compulsive perfectionism and rescuing, and trying to please or control others. Our lives in recovery blossom with inner strength, conscious contact, wisdom, detachment, self-valuing, fun, and program friendships. Our interests and energy expand…. Welcome home to Work-Anon.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Step Study Group of Work-Anon via Email

Good news, there's now a way to take your Work-Anon recovery deeper by participating in a step study group online. This step study meeting takes place weekly and uses Paths to Recovery with word substitution. It is conducted as a Google Group and you can have the topics and others' posts delivered to your mailbox or viewable via Google Groups. Nadia is the initiator of this meeting, and here are the details on how to join...

Note for all email/online meetings: Some people choose to use an anonymous email address for participation that they forward to their regular inbox, it is up to you.
Dear all,

The new Work-Anon 12 Step Study Group has been created.

You can request to join the group by visiting
and sending a request. 

Alternatively, you can contact the moderator at:

and request to be added to the group....

Looking forward to seeing you there!